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JLM Diesel Particulate Filter DPF cleaner 3 step problem solver without removal

JLM Diesel Particulate Filter DPF cleaner 3 step problem solver without removal JLM Lubricants provides a targeted 3-step approach to clean accumulated soot in diesel particulate filters (DPF Filter), each with its own specific application.

Contamination in the diesel fuel system due to combustion residue deposits can considerably interfere with this delicate process. In addition, and to comply with the increasingly stringent exhaust standards being put in place for the latest diesel engines, a large amount of combustion products are re-fed into the combustion chambers via the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR).

Once the combustion process becomes affected by deposits on components, such as valves, injectors and EGR valves, this results in less efficient combustion.
A vicious circle of incomplete combustion is then created, giving rise to a larger quantity of combustion residues, which then form deposits, which in turn cause incomplete combustion, and so on.

If this pattern is not broken in due time, it can be fatal for parts such as diesel particulate filters or DPF, turbos and the engine itself. What is more, this is compounded by the fact that depending on the usage conditions (such as many short journeys), diesel particulate filters, which are currently fitted as standard on new diesel cars and often retrofitted to older models, seldom reach the operating temperature required for complete regeneration of the filter, as a result of which the filter becomes clogged with particulate, over time.

This video explains what steps you need to take to prepare for an MOT check or keep your DPF filter clean without removal.