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JLM Motor Start helps you start an engine that cranks but doesn’t start. Efficient engine starts are crucial in maintaining optimal vehicle performance.

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Brand: JLM Lubricants
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The JLM Motor Start aerosol is the ultimate tool in your arsenal for achieving seamless ignition and enhancing engine performance. It circulates through the intake valve to the combustion chamber where it works to make the fuel/air mixture in the engine more flammable so that the engine can run easily start.

Key Technical Specifications: 

  1. Ignition Speed:
    JLM Motor Start spray is engineered to provide rapid ignition, ensuring quick starts in any scenario. With an ignition speed of mere seconds, this aerosol eliminates the frustrations of prolonged starting attempts, particularly in cold weather conditions.
  1. Temperature Range:
    Designed to perform in diverse climates, Motor Start spray operates effectively across a wide temperature range. From sub-zero temperatures to scorching heat, this aerosol remains reliable, ensuring consistent ignition regardless of environmental conditions. 
  1. Chemical Composition:
    The proprietary formula of JLM Motor Start comprises a blend of highly combustible elements optimized for efficient ignition. This chemical composition ensures compatibility with various engine types and fuels, providing peace of mind to professional motor mechanics. 
  1. Container Size and Weight:
    Motor Start spray comes in a compact and lightweight canister, making it easy to handle and store in any workshop environment. With a size and weight optimized for convenience, this aerosol is the perfect companion for mechanics on the go. 


How to use: 

  1. Shake the aerosol canister well before use to ensure proper mixing of the formula.
  2. Ensure the ignition area is clean and free of debris to optimize ignition efficiency.
  3. Hold the aerosol canister upright and aim the nozzle directly in the air filter.
  4. Depress the spray cap to release a short burst (maximum 2 seconds) of Motor Start aerosol into the air filter.
  5. Attempt to start the engine immediately after applying Motor Start aerosol for optimal results.



  • Do not spray on spark plugs, hot engine parts or hot surfaces. 
  • Do not spray directly into air intake when it has electrical components such as MAF-sensor. 
  • JLM Motor Start is highly flammable, only use in well ventilated area and check MSDS before use.  
  • If engine does not start after two attempts using JLM Motor Start, check engine on mechanical failures. 


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