JLM Petrol E10 Fuel Treatment 250ml FREE Delivery

E10 petrol additive is an all-in-one fuel treatment for (classic) cars. The additive has been specially developed to protect the fuel system against the harmful effects of E10 fuels.

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E10 Fuels tend to lubricate less and age faster than regular fuels, resulting in less valve lubrication and a loss of octane rating.

This leads to recession of the valve seat, engine knocking and accumulation of dirt in the fuel system.

In addition, ethanol-based fuels are hygroscopic (attracts water) and corrosive to specific metals, rubber and plastic parts.

E10 Petrol additive compensates for the adverse effects of E10 fuels and prevents engine damage.

Instructions; Dosing bottle: Squeeze the bottle until the required dose is reached. Add 10ml per 10l of gasoline to the fuel tank with each refuelling.


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