JLM J02250 x1 | J02230 x4

Save £62 on the usual price of the J02250.
Four DPF Cleaning Treatments and the Application Toolkit.

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The JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Kit consists of a cleaning process which is divided into two
steps: a deep cleaner and a flush. Both fluids are distributed into the DPF by means of a tube with a conical nozzle into the hose of the front pressure sensor.

The JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning fluid (step 1) dissolves the various contaminations and soaks the accumulated soot particles. Step two, JLM Diesel DPF Flush, flushes out the substrate and also re-distributes the accumulated soot within the soot trap. After these two steps, the DPF is now optimally prepared for a (forced) regeneration.


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