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JLM Lubricants' Direct Injection Valve Cleaner is a powerful remover of stubborn carbon-based deposits that accumulate mainly in the combustion chambers of the direct-injected engine and behind the valves.

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An unfortunate consequence of moving fuel injectors from the inlet to the combustion chamber is that especially the intake valves are not kept clean by fresh gasoline that washes along them. Through a combination of crankcase ventilation and deposits of exhaust gas recirculation, carbon also builds up quickly in the air intake, effectively suffocating the engine. Since these carbon deposits enter the cylinder head casting at higher temperatures, they are baked on the surface, making them particularly difficult to remove.

JLM's Direct Injection Valve Cleaner is an essential part of a multiple attack on removing harmful carbon deposits that plague modern engines. It should be used alongside JLM's GDI Injector cleaner fuel additive (for petrol engines only) and the JLM EGR and air intake cleaner aerosol (both petrol and diesels) for best results.

JLM Lubricants' Direct Injection Valve Cleaner's easy-to-use aerosol contains special cleaning surfactants to loosen and remove caked carbon more effectively than alternative products that rely solely on solvents. Because the cleaning solution ends up in the engine, JLM's formulation is also softer when burned and harmless to particulate filters and catalysts.

JLM's Direct Injection Valve Cleaner not only cleans the valves but also the entire combustion chamber. The result is improved engine efficiency and reduced tailpipe emissions, particularly carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC), with the benefit of improved cold start performance.


This product is intended for professional use only!

JLM has designed its Direct Injection Valve Cleaner for ease of use. Instead of direct access to the cylinder head intake ducts, the product enters the air intake of a hot-running engine, avoiding extensive disassembly.

Shake the spray can for at least two minutes and aim the spray in small punches of up to three seconds into the inlet. Never let the cleaner pass through the intercooler, or get into corrugated/twisted rubber pipes, as this can lead to puddle formation. When you have determined the best access point for the engine you are working on, do the following:

  1. Start the engine, make sure it has the normal operating temperature and let it idle.
  2. Spray the product into the intake manifold at short intervals of up to three seconds. Engine speed can increase or decrease with each application. Allow the engine speed to stabilize before spraying again.
  3. If the engine speed increases or you notice throbbing/pinky/pinging, stop spraying and let the engine idle again. Do not press the accelerator.
  4. With half the aerosol capacity used, let the engine idle for another two minutes before proceeding.
  5. When the spray can is finished, let the engine idle for another two minutes.
  6. Turn off the engine and reassemble the intake system.
  7. Restart the engine and briefly give it up to 2500 rpm and let it idle again. Repeat ten times. You can also take a short drive of 5-8 km (3-5 miles).
  8. Before turning it off, let the engine idle for at least a minute.
  9. JLM's Direct Injection Valve Cleaner should be used in a well-ventilated area; both gloves and eye protection are necessary.


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