Diesel Extreme Clean

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Brand: JLM Lubricants
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JLM Diesel Extreme Clean 1000ml 


Product Information
During the thorough cleaning process not only is the entire turbo and the diesel particulate filter cleaned but the intake valves, EGR valve, injectors and mass air flow sensor are treated also. JLM Diesel Extreme Clean dissolves blockages, remedies irregular running, rectifies the emission of exhaust gases, improves fuel consumption and lubricates all moving parts in the engine. As well as cleaning and lubricating, JLM Diesel Extreme Clean stabilizes the fuel in the tank and prevents the growth of algae.

First, the active components in JLM Diesel Extreme Clean thoroughly and effectively remove the soot deposits from the parts of the fuel system and the engine. After cleaning, the parts are lubricated and protected against oxidation and other deposits that could adversely affect engine performance.

JLM Diesel Extreme Clean also contains a cetane booster. The cetane booster ensures better fuel combustion. This makes the engine run more evenly and better.

Avoid unwanted visits to the workshop and high investigation and repair costs. Add one litre of JLM Diesel Extreme Clean to the tank every six thousand miles for maximum and lasting results.

JLM Diesel Extreme Clean combines the advantages of all individual diesel additives and can be used in all old and new cars with a diesel particulate filter.

  • Cleans the turbo
  • Cleans the diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Cleans the fuel system
  • Cleans the EGR valve
  • Cleans the injectors
  • Cleans the intake valves
  • Restores engine power
  • Rectifies emissions
  • Eliminates irregular running
  • Improves fuel consumption


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Tommy pygall 06-11-2022 09:54

Bought a l200 Mitsubishi with 122000 miles it was very sluggish lacked performance I put a can of deisel extreme cleaner in the tank filled up drove 200miles on a trip at the end of the journey it felt like a new engine

Martyn Escritt - Essex Motor Factors 18-01-2021 12:48

“It's not uncommon to hear "I bet that's expensive" followed by "Is that all?"
JLM products are huge repeat business requiring no secondary sales pitch.
Every line we stock has become so successful in the area it’s tailored to fix or improve that our customers are talking to others who then come to us for JLM products.
The highly advanced emission systems fitted to current vehicles in the marketplace have major repercussions for many vehicles.
Without these inexpensive JLM products they would simply end up having costly parts replaced to rectify the issue. There doesn't seem to be any scenario JLM products can't cover when it comes to for example DPF running issues or faults whether that’s rough running, MIL light on or limp mode.”

Martyn Escritt, General Manager of Essex Motor Factors. Selling JLM products for 9 years.

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