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JLM’s Air Refresh is a one-shot treatment which makes unpleasant in-car odours a thing of the past!

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Our cars are used for many things, including eating on the go, taking our pets out, piling up our gym bags, and even storing long-life shopping items. Add to this taking our rubbish and unwanted goods to the local recycling, and it’s easy to see how unpleasant odours and musty smells build over time.
Unfortunately, many lingering odours won’t shift with traditional car fresheners. They’re not up to the job. The odour from a spillage, for example, despite being cleaned up, will often persist. Before we know it, we have a build-up of odours in our cars from different areas.
The good news is that getting that lovely ‘new car smell’ with the JLM Lubricants one-shot aerosol is still possible. With minimum fuss it
removes odours no matter how persistent and how many - leaving that lovely ‘like new’ smell behind.
JLM’s Air Refresh is so powerful because it neutralises odours rather than simply masking them.



• Eliminates unpleasant smell from air condition and heater unit
• Cleans, disinfects and provides fresh air in your car!
• Easy to use

The Air Refresh circulates through the entire ventilation and air conditioning system. This means it reaches odours from anywhere in your car – under seats, in the foot well, in the rear storage. So, stale sports kit, wet dog odours and spillages from in-car dining are completely removed. And it leaves behind a lovely fresh scent.


• Make sure your car is not exposed to sunlight throughout this process, ensuring it’s in a well-ventilated place.
• Children and pets should not be near your car throughout and in the 10 -15 minutes afterwards.
• Vacuum all car upholstery and carpets.
• Remove any items that could be causing the odour
• Close all windows.
• Start your car and let it idle.
• Set the fan to maximum position
• Car temperature should be on the lowest setting.
• The ventilation should be in circulation mode.
• Position the JLM Air Refresh in the centre of your car interior on a sturdy base, for example the centre console. Before leaving, check it will not be displaced by the ventilation.
• Press the locking trigger on the can. This activates the misting process which completes when the can is empty.
• Close your entry door, making sure all others are firmly closed.
• Lock your car.
• Leave for 15 minutes.
• Open all doors before turning off the engine.
• Allow 10 minutes for the car to ventilate.
• Enjoy the lovely fresh smell.


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